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House Of Fett was created with a single objective in mind, to create noise loud enough to be noticed by the whole fashion world. At House of Fettwe aim at bringing the latest runway trends in international fashion to the tastes, wishes and lifestyles of today’s men and women. The brand aims to blend future techniques and patterns with the classics, through state-of-the-art manufacturing yet with unbending attention to detail and traditional values with craftsmanship. We aim to cater to the new statement audience while not leaving those behind who have the love for classics.The brand epitomizes a new benchmark in inculcating innovation in ready to wear garments so that they could be incorporated in the daily lives of its customers.It also emphasizes on maintaining the receptiveness to the ever- changing trends in customer tastes through creating fast new designs suitable for its customer base at an affordable price. The brand aims to provide its potential customers with an uncompromising experience of purchasing a status at an affordable price and connect with the brand. Differentiating the brands products in terms of design and marketing strategies is the core focus of House of Fett.


House of Fett is not a person
It’s a spirit It’s not a feeling
It’s an attitude
Cool, confident and classic
But, how do we keep it going?
How do we take it further?
By being true to who we are, what we are
And not being too complicated
By delivering what we promise
And feeling delighted in making others happy
Authentic and eccentric
Optimistic in all that we do
When no one can copy you but everyone wants to
But this is just the beginning
And there’s a lot more to it